Termite Life Cycle


The World Of Hidden Organized Enemy

Termite are social insects that eat wood.There are two types of termites, one that live entirely in wood and the other that can build tunnel in ground.

Termite feed on food and wood products containing cellulose e.g. Wood Panels , paper products ,carpets etc.The Picture of there life cycle is above.

There are various types of termites.In Pakistan "Subterranean" is most common.

Lying 18-20 ft beneath the soil surface termite travel thought mud tubes to reach food sources.Typically colony of termites may range from several hundred thousand to one million or more termites.

Termite Colony consists of King and Queen,soliders and Workers.Queen can Product 70000 to 80000 eggs in 24 hours.The Queen can live more then 50 years.

Termites survive by eating wood paper , fiber cotton fabrics and other cellulose based products.Houses and other buildings provide termites with the ideal combination of warmth,moisture and food. If ignored , termites can be a potential threat to the structural integrity of any building.Termites are beneficial when they destroy an old tree stump , bur they attack buildings they are pests. Being social insects they have well defined hierarhical structure as mentioned above.